How to buy real estate in Croatia

Purchasing real estate in Croatia can be an exciting and significant step towards achieving your residential or investment goals. Preparation and understanding of the process are crucial to ensuring a successful transaction. In this blog, we will explore the important steps and documents required for buying property in Croatia.

Finding the Right Offer

Real estate agencies play a vital role in this process. Alfa Elmas can assist you in finding a property that suits your needs and budget, providing clear insights into the current real estate market situation on the island of Krk.

Purchase Agreement

After identifying the desired property, the next step is drafting the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and procedures of the transaction. Alongside the purchase agreement, it's important to gather all necessary documents for the property purchase. This includes a copy of your identification document, proof of financial capability (e.g., bank statement), confirmation of residence in Croatia, and, for foreigners, confirmation of the absence of prohibition to purchase real estate. Consult local authorities and legal experts to determine the exact documents required in your case. If you're buying land, special attention must be given to the land purchase agreement. This agreement should contain detailed information about the land, boundaries, access rights, and similar details. It's also crucial to verify whether all permits and designated uses align with your plans.

As a foreigner intending to buy property in Croatia, you should be aware of your tax obligations. Property tax in Croatia is determined based on the property value and is paid upon purchase. Consult a tax expert to understand your tax responsibilities and ensure you are adequately prepared for this financial commitment.

Finally, if you plan to relocate to Croatia after purchasing the property, it's important to consider the relocation process. This involves registering your residence, opening a bank account, obtaining health insurance, and completing other administrative procedures. Seek advice from relevant institutions and gather information about the processes to smoothly and seamlessly begin your life in Croatia.

Buying property in Croatia can be a challenging yet fulfilling process. Follow these steps, collaborate with trustworthy professionals, and stay well-informed to ensure a successful purchase and transition to your new home in Croatia.