Everything you need to know about real estate documentation when buying and selling in Croatia

Buying real estate in Croatia can be an exciting but intricate process, with numerous
questions regarding documentation, the sales process, and tax obligations. It is crucial to
understand every aspect of buying and selling to ensure compliance with legal regulations
and the successful realization of your property transaction.

The first step in the process of buying and selling property in Croatia is finding a suitable
property, followed by Alfa Elmas conducting an extensive verification of ownership
documentation. This in-depth check includes an examination of land registers, cadastral
plans, building permits, and other relevant documents to ensure that the property has no
unforeseen problems or obstacles.

Once the necessary documentation is verified, the preliminary agreement for the purchase
and sale of real estate is signed
. This serves as a temporary contract to ensure the purchase
process and binds both parties to sign a purchase contract in the future.

After the preliminary agreement is signed, Alfa Elmas prepares the final real estate sales
, which is an essential written document that transfers ownership of the property to
the buyer. The sales contract contains crucial information about the sale, such as information
about the seller, buyer, real estate, price, payment terms, collateral, and other important
elements of the transaction.

While the process of buying an apartment in Croatia is similar to that of buying a house, it
also involves a sales contract for the condominium where the apartment is located, which
includes the common area of the building such as corridors, staircases, and elevators.
In conclusion, buying property in Croatia can be complex and requires careful attention and

However, hiring a professional real estate agent such as Alfa Elmas can
significantly facilitate the purchase process. With their knowledge, experience, and
consulting services, you can successfully navigate the process of buying and selling real
estate in Croatia.